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Smardt oil-free centrifugal chillers offer the highest IPLV energy efficiencies and the lowest lifetime operating costs in their capacity ranges - 200 kW through 8150 kW in water cooled, 200 kW through 1800 kW in air cooled and 200kW through 1320kW in evaporatively cooled.


The worldwide operations of the Smardt Chiller Group offer a greater depth of technical support and greater experience than anyone else in the world with oil-free centrifugal technology and its successful delivery of lifetime energy cost savings.


Goldmarktech Co., Ltd. is the exclusive distributor for SMARDT chiller in Thailand since 2010, with full scale sales team, service and support team and parts center for the SMARDT in Thailand.

Since 1992, Goldmarktech Co., Ltd. leading the Thailand industries edges in controls and automation system integration with series of success delivery not only “Simply-Working automation system” but reliable and sustainable.


We currently workin on two industry leading automation platform the heavy weight “AutomtedLogic” and the slim and scaleable EasyIO, both are not only globally presence but the technology leading edges company.


We provide:

-Controllers and Parts distribution in Thailand market

-System Integration and engineering design for the building IoT, Building Automation, Energy Management and Monitoring System and etc

- Instruments, sensors and transducers supply

Over the past two decades we have successfully equipped Leading thai operating theatres in hospital, cleanrooms, and critical environment. Our customers have enjoyed the quality of our systems for many years.


GMTLaminar, the first generation of laminar flow ceiling solution combined with GMTMedicus and GMTCriticus from Goldmarktech, combines our proven experience in clean air ceilings with the latest technologies, unsurpassed quality and effective cost management.

Our delivery meets todays increased requirements for performance, flexibility and quality, whilst reduce the total cost of ownership with a low energy consumption  and low maintenance.

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SMAC Technologies twin coil system is commended as the environmentally efficient air conditioning choice. The revolutionary technology reduces greenhouse emissions, water and chemicals. The unique design reduces energy consumption whilst delivering perfect climate comfort.


SMAC’s unique modelling software package enables expert engineers to preplan and modify projects from inception right through to construction and installation. The software uses step by step programming techniques and is designed to work with major stakeholders

to demonstrate “best” outcomes.

Andair components and systems are used in shelters, safety rooms and control rooms of:

• Civil defence shelters

• Air raid shelters

• Hardened underground facilities

• C4ISTAR facilities

• NBC protected facilities and bio safety labs

• Refineries and oil fields, off-shore platforms

• Chemical and petrochemical plants

• Nuclear power plants

Operating staff and other persons as well as sensitive equipment present in these installations need to be protected.

Well founded know-how and a wide range of special products are the basis of Andair's leadership.

Over 40 years experience pledges for best quality, type tested and approved by the SPIEZ LABORATORY of

the Swiss Federal Department of Defence.

More than 3000 large protected installations are equipped with Andair components in over 55 countries everywhere in the world.

In Thailand, Goldmarktech distribute the product and deliver the service for ANDAIR since 1996 to all industrial segment. The ANDAIR key clients in Thailand are (shortlisted):

40% of building energy consumption allocated to Chiller Plant (Central Plant). In today highly competitive business and moving toward green, energy efficiency and sustainable economy. The professional chiller plant service from GMTEnergia will improve your plant

- efficiency

- reliability

- chiller plant total cost of ownership

With more than 20 years of expertise in HVAC and chiller plant service and optimisation, GMTEnergia will bring the best out of your chiller plant with multi level of service packages that fit to your demand

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