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To creating powerful energy and operation efficiency solutions for our clients, to push humanity  and business forward, takes grits and relentless innovation. Resolving the complexity of clients built-environment and business operation needs with minimum taking precious resources from the planet means holding ourselves and our suppliers to ever higher standards. We know that accomplishing this work will require all of our best efforts. At Goldmarktech, we are committed to building groundbreaking products and services with the key mission to leave our world better than we found it. 

It was just a year ago that Goldmarktech’s energy efficiency delivery accumulatively reduce the greenhouse gas emission total of 22 millions Ton CO2 equivalent. The GHG emission reduction continues as we supply, delivery, operate and maintenance the energy efficiency product and services. Enable our clients to excel ahead in their industries and lead the climate change action.

In mid 2019, Goldmarktech add the “Video Conferencing” (VC) solution to our delivery portfolio. The VC solution enable our clients to improve their business operation efficiency and reduce the transportation needs. Lower milages travels means less GHG emission by all means. This VC solution converges and integrate to our energy and operation efficiency offerings. Goldmarktech  ESCOs business model we are providing the VC as a services (VCaaS)  

At the same time, Goldmarktech are launching the next phase of our industry-leading built-environment IoT solutions which meet both building technology communication standard : BACnet® and IoT Standard: MQTT® . the packages solution enable our clients to expanding their existing building automation and building management system to advance and sustainable IoT solution for  their built environment, bring the big data to the machine learning, crunching the data analytic, and performance optimizations to make their built-environment and business operation more efficient.

At Goldmarktech, it’s simple. We apply the same level of innovation that goes into everything we create, design, power and manufacture to making things better for people and the planet. And we make it simple for customers and partners who share our passion to join us in this work.

At this present moment, where the threats facing our planet are too great to ignore, we are demonstrating that businesses must play a vital role. We are proud to do the hard work, to lead and make the breakthroughs, and tirelessly search for ways to ensure the better future for our planet that we all deserve. 

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