IoT for Built-environment and Building Automation

IoT for built-environment that do works

The solution of the IoT, Building Automation and Building Management System and Big Data for built-environment, which exceed today industry standards and YES! It just works.

At Goldmarktech, the IoT for built-environment is not a new issue. We continue delivering the state-of-the-art BAS-IoT, BMS-IoT, Big Data and Data analytics solution for almost two decades. 

Since 2000, we delivery the Building Automation System and Building Management system with IoT features including Big Data and Data Analytic Packages for the office building, retail spaces, factories and data centres with total I/O and interface point for more than 20 Million points.

Our client using our system integrated solution to achieve the ultimate monitoring, control, operation and analysis of their build-environment equipment such as HVAC equipment, chiller plants, energy monitoring system, etc.

The Standard that governs the success of IoT implementation.

With today build-environment trends that require best in the class BAS-IoT, BMS-IoT the building owners’ developer, designer, consultant and contractor must aware of the key standards that govern the basic principle of successful IoT for built-environment implementation.

Following are the standard list that the IoT for built-environments must comply

BACnet         ISO 16484-5:2017 Building automation and control systems (BACS)

                    Part 5: Data communication protocol

MQTT            ISO/IEC 20922:2016Information technology

                    Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) v3.1.1

The IoT system which fail to comply with one of above the standard yield the lost of your  investments, costly maintenance and life cycle cost and/or limits the ability to expand.  

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